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    Gloss Expert fiberboard treated in a variety industrial processes to obtain a decorative panel with a high gloss finish by transparent acrylic paint . Acrylack surfaces boast excellent physical and mechanical performance. Gloss expert is 75 000 panels of lacquered painted by acrylack finish and 20 000 worktop lamninated capacity monthly in where is   the factory 35 000 square meter  in Turkey.We are the biggest Lacquered panel producer  of  Turkey, Eastern Europe and the Middle East Region.Glossexpert has been exporting  to over many countries on 4 continents.With its longterm plans and  active sales policies,we have been  sales point more than 20 countries into Europe ,Asia ,North Africa,Middle East Area now on ,you can follow our exhibition schedule to new market  researching from here .





High Gloss Panel

The manufacturing capacity to High gloss Surface per mouth in factory



Laminate Worktop producing capatiy per mount in factory.



We are a big family working for customer satisfaction.

Our Brands

  • GLOSPAN_logoThe factory brand name is Glospan which we manufacturing lacquered high gloss panel with many years of experiens.We renew and develop our products with modern technology and  R & D work .All transactions with acrylic colors transparant lack paint.Acrylack in the name of our product comes from the technical process.Our products are applied raw on the MDF ,CHIPBOARD and PLYWOOD as an option.In additional this  we producer of digital printing on MDF  for the furniture factories and interior decorator.


    BNSFORM is our brand name to Laminate worktop (countertop)  and post forming  products which the including   most effective and high quality standard. Thanks to our new investment  which HOMAG direct forming line increasing monthly capacity 20 000 pieces laminate chipboard into 6000m2 closed area .Our partners are the global player to suppler   laminated form paper ; ASD and EGGER .




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