GB 1310 / GB 1309

unfilled, low/medium viscosity EVA hotmelt glues which are designed for mid/high speed straight edge-banding machines.

GB 1328

is a natural colored edge-banding glue with medium open time and excellent final bonding.

The glues are used to bond PVC, melamine, ABS, acrylic edbands to MDF, chipboard or solid wood panels.

Profile Glue

The glue is a water based PVAc. homopolymer wood glue that is transparent after cured. It bonds solid wood and furniture frames even if the wood material is moister than optimum levels.The glue is used in cold/hot lamination of wooden materials, wooden door production (case and panel), fingerjoint applications and many more wood , MDF and chipboard bond



GLOBALBOND nstant Adhesive is a 2 component wood glue which can bond variety of materials in seconds with excellent precision.

* Furniture Industry
* Construction Industry
* Marine Industry



Polyurethane Foam


GLOBALBOND PU Foam is a polyurethane based installation and insulation expanding foam which is used in fixing door and window frames in constructions. Excellent expansion and gap filling properties and solid rigid form after curing make the foam choice of professionals. The foam is usable with its strew, but there is a foam gun version of this foaming

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